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Welcome to commercial and contract management with CCube

9.2% of the value is lost on average by enterprises through poor contract development and management, according to a study by the International Association of Commercial and Contract Management (IACCM). The causes are manifold – such as lack of clear scope, late and/or inadequate involvement of key functions and stakeholders, excessive focus on risk allocation, lack of flexibility, poor governance and a contract which is too difficult to understand.

CCube uses its specialist commercial contract expertise to help you significantly reduce this value erosion. We support you along the contracting process lifecycle, from contract drafting through to contract management for both the pre-award and post-award phases for the buy side as well as the sell side. Our services include supplier evaluation and selection, contract reviews, risk management, business plan development and contract negotiation to close the deal. We place emphasis on a collaborative process as well as strong operational governance, leading to shorter contract cycle times, reduced client costs and more efficient and effective contract management.

We then follow up with a contract handover process, set up of the governance and change management processes, extract and manage the key obligations, deliverables and timeframes as well as provide ongoing support to negotiate contract change or to help resolve disputes. Working with partners, CCube can also provide support for the selection and implementation of a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system if required.

CCube is, in addition, the Swiss member of the IACCM Commercial Transformation Alliance, a global network of selected consultants who partner with the IACCM to deliver services to the joint client base.

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The following document describes the stages of the contract lifecycle management process.

Quick Information – GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in EU member states on 25th May 2018. It is designed to protect natural persons with respect to the processing of their personal data and the free movement of such data. Although not an EU member state, Switzerland is affected through Article 3 when the conditions are met. Attached is layman’s high-level summary of GDPR which we hope you find interesting. We would welcome any feedback you may have.

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