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About Us

CCube was founded with the vision to help companies extract more business value from their contracting process. It draws on the skills and experience of the founder and project-based support personnel to create a finely-honed tool which delivers tangible results to your bottom line.

Bertrand George (Founder) - over 30 years experience in the ICT market

Bertrand George

Bertrand has over 30 years’ experience in the information and communications technology (ICT) market, of which
over 20 were spent at major global players. He brings to you:

  • 12 years’ experience in crafting, negotiating and closing large, complex and global deals.

  • Highly-developed understanding of all contractual aspects, from drafting through to contract management.

  • Strong post-award experience in commercial operations.

  • Profound knowledge of team leadership,  complex organisations, governance processes and multicultural environments.

  • Strong grasp of financials, risk management, business case development and commercial operations.

  • Engineering qualifications (MSc. University of Toronto) as well as an MBA from Cranfield University, UK.

  • Certification as a Commercial and Contract Management Expert (CCME) and a Supplier Relationship Management Practitioner (SRMP) from the IACCM.

  • Languages: English, German, French.

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