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Partner Advisory

Member of the Commercial Transformation Alliance and partner to the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

IACCM – International Association for Contract & Commercial Management
The Global Authority on Commitment Management®

CCube is the Swiss member of the IACCM Commercial Transformation Alliance which is a partner to the IACCM. Together we deliver services to our clients such as education and training, optimization of commercial operations and commercial capability maturity assessment for commercial organisations.

CCube Consultung works with ANCOMA

Partner to Ancoma Professional Group which delivers the Contract Review Advisory via its Contract Coach service to its customers.

ABiz Corporation specializes in providing tailored, high-quality and cost-effective services in the commercial contracting practice area. Consultants at ABiz have hands-on and in-depth experience in using various third-party technologies for both the pre-award and post-award commercial and contract management phases. ABiz has successfully helped clients select and implement the right Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system. Clients have recommended ABiz highly for helping them avoid common pitfalls during implementation through the use of its time-tested business methodologies and long-standing experience.