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Contract Handover and Governance Implementation

  • Contract Handover and Governance Implementation: A robust handover process is required to avoid misunderstandings and delays in ramping up either your cost savings or new revenue stream. Further the governance and change management processes must be executed for efficient and effective contract management. CCube can brings its experience to bear in the development and execution of appropriate processes and templates.

Obligations Extraction and Management

  • Obligations Extraction and Management: CCube can help you extract the obligations, deliverables and times and implement these in an existing system or in templates for manual tracking.

Contract Lifecycle Management system (CLM)

  • Contract Lifecycle Management system (CLM): CCube works with industry partners to help you analyse your requirements, prepare and execute an RFP to select an appropriate CLM system, develop the process workflows based on your business rules, develop a clause library and support the implementation.

    The white paper below lays out the case for contract automation with a discussion of the common challenges faced and the substantial benefits automation can bring to a manual environment. The second document describes the typical selection process for a contract lifecycle management system.

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